Coming Soon To India

Great News!

Louisiana Fried Chicken will also be opening up soon in India!

Good News!

Now you can search for Louisiana Fried Chicken store near you by going to our LOCATIONS tab on the navigation above. And while you are there, you can just enter your city name or your zip code, click SEARCH. And you will see our store locations that is near you.

Simply click on the Direction under each store listing to get to your favorite store.

Try it now! Click Here To Go To Our Store Location search


Welcome to our New Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken Official website!

In this website, you can find out more about our menu items; learn more about our history; and how you can own a LFC business. Plus you will also find our location; business hours; nutritional facts. And importantly we will also posting update on our new store location opening and other important news as well. So make sure to bookmark our site and come back frequently!