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Welcome. We are glad you are here. Please looks around our website, learn more about history and if interested, get in touch with us for a licensing opportunity.

black and white Louisiana Fried Chicken Store

A look behind a history of how Louisiana Fried Chicken was born. Plus an interview by LA Times of 'How Cambodians become the kings of beloved LA fried chicken chain'. Click below to get to know us more.

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Interested in owning a Louisiana Fried Chicken location? Get in touch with us to learn how you can own your own Louisiana Fried Chicken business through our licensing opportunity. You can be your own BOSS!


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Since we have hundreds of store location, the price of the menu in each store is different depending on their location. Please check the store location for their address. 

To the right, we would love to show you some of our favorite items that our customers love.


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All Stores Are Independently Owned and Operated By Licensee Owner(s)!