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Our History

Joe Dion was the founder of Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken. Dion came to Los Angeles from Michigan in 1957 with nothing in pockets and inclination to work in restaurants. After a month in his garage with a 30 pound fryer, experimenting with a recipe he says he obtained from New Orleans chef Paul Prudhomme, he arrived at a product chicken in a Zesty Cajun batter fried to a soft crunch and finished with a slight, spicy heat.

Over a decade of involvement with Jack-in-the-Box and Pioneer Chicken franchises, Joe decided to start his own. Over a year in development, LOUISIANA FAMOUS FRIED CHICKEN was born out of many research trips to New Orleans and experimentation in the family carport. The first store opened in August of 1976 in Los Angeles and the response by the public, in general, was so overwhelming that 10 stores were built by 1979. Joe started Licensing his stores and authorizing the trademark and formulas to autonomous administrators. He currently retired and has turned over operations to Michael P Eng.

Joe Dion
Picture Michael Eng In Front of a Louisiana Fried Chicken Store

MICHAEL P.ENG bought taco stand at 91st street and Central Avenue in the 1990’s and converted it to a Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken store. Eng was born during the time of civil war and his experience was common among the Cambodians in Los Angeles.

In 2009, Eng bought the Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken name from Dion, borrowing money from his friends and family to afford the steep price tag. 90% of the 100 or so restaurants were Cambodian-owned. And most of them were friends of a particularly enterprising and ambitious employee… You can also become one of our fast growing fried chicken business, check out the Licensing Opportunity here.

Michael had been interview by LA Times and they wrote a story about him titled: “
How Cambodians Become The Kings Of Beloved South L.A. Fried Chicken Chain”. You can read more here

How Cambodians Become The Kings Of Beloved South L.A. Fried Chicken Chain

All Stores Are Independently Owned and Operated By Licensee Owner(s)!